Basic Attributes of Summer Fashion and Clothing Trends


There are two seasons which most places experience. One is winter and the other is summer. Out of the seasons out there, summer is the most popular. It is the time when most people are active outside of their homes. There are various summer activities especially along the beaches and bodies of water. Cold drinks and desserts. Aside from that, summer parties from day until night are also frequent. And lastly, summer fashion influence the clothing trends all over the world. Just like the clothing trend of winter which mostly thick and long clothes, there is also a clothing trend during summer. Also the summer fashion changes as years go by, there are basic attributes which all summer fashion and clothing trends observe.

  1. Proper ventilation – In the hot weather, proper clothing ventilation is important. Less sleeves is just one of the ways summer clothes provide proper ventilation to the wearer. Any clothes which obstructs the airflow is not ideal during summer. The air must be free as possible to flow inside and out of the clothes.
  1. Less fabric – Another basic attribute of summer fashion is that the clothes are generally shorter than regular clothes. From the shorts to the t-shirts, everything uses less fabric. Women wear t-shirts which expose their navel or belly button. Mean wear sleeveless shirts or open front polo shirts.
  1. Thin and cooling clothing material – When it comes to fabric materials used for summer clothing like maxi skirts, they are usually very thin and stay cool during hot weather. This will help the wearer feel less hot during summer. They do not sweat as much as they should under the hot sun as their clothing keeps them cool during the day.
  1. Colorful – Summer is a very active season. It reflects on the colors used on summer fashion and clothing trends. Bright and attractive colors are often seen in summer fashion. The great benefit of bright colored dresses is they reflect most of the spectrum of the sunlight. Therefore, only a small amount of sunlight penetrates the clothes and make the body warm.
  1. Sweat resistant – Even the thinnest and coolest clothing material cannot prevent your body to sweat. Summer clothes only minimize the amount of sweat you produce by keeping your body cool. Sweat will accumulate on the clothes. However, summer clothes are sweat resistant. This means they dry faster and will not retain the smell of sweat on the fabric.

Summer is the time when you go out and have fun. Get the right summer clothes to help you get the best summer experience. Know more about fashion at


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